Technical Coatings
Materials for the most demanding applications

Greeneco offers you a wide range of the highest quality materials based on epoxy resins, polyurethanes and polyureas. The coatings produced from them are used in virtually every industrial field, including transport and tourism / recreation.

Our offer includes the following materials:

  1. Materials based on polyurethane and polyureas
  2. Acrylic and Silicone Materials
  3. Epoxy resins, including Novolac high temperature resins - coatings and linings
  4. Fast-setting polyaspartic paints
  5. Undercoats and top coats
  6. Automotive - coatings from the TuffStuff group
  7. Materials for anti-skid coatings
  8. Fire barriers
  9. Anti-explosion barriers

A novelty in our offer are two-component polyaspartic paints (the name comes from the polyaspartic ester used in their production), a new attractive product in the group of resins, polyurethanes and polyureas. Aspartic materials can be used to apply much thicker layers. Aspartic coatings are characterized by very high resistance to abrasion and chemical attack, including greases and oils. High resistance to UV radiation ensures long-term color durability. Their additional advantage is a very short cross-linking time, definitely shorter than in the case of traditional resins, which significantly reduces the time of application and commissioning of the object, usually several hours compared to several days in the case of epoxy resins. These materials can be applied without problems in a very wide temperature range, from -30 to 55°C and can operate at temperatures well above 150°C. Very high solids content, even up to 100%, is another advantage of these materials. As a result, the VOC content in these materials is practically zero, which makes them extremely safe and environmentally friendly.
Typical applications aspartate paints are bridges, parkings, tunnels, airports and a wide range of other applications where the surface is exposed to high mechanical stress, high and low temperatures, chemicals and UV radiation. In the case of anti-corrosion protection of metal structures, paints from this group do not require primer layers. Aspartate paints are perfect for floors protection, both mineral (stone, concrete, etc.) and wooden (boards, parquets). After hardening, a durable, smooth, scratch-resistant and stain-resistant layer of high decorative value is created.

Following are the most typical applications for our materials:

  1. Automotive
  2. Corrosion protection of steel and concrete industrial structures
  3. Tanks, pipelines, pools
  4. Sewage disposal installations, including tanks
  5. Mining industry
  6. Oil and gas industry, including refineries
  7. Chemical
  8. Medical
  9. Energy
  10. Industrial floors, parking lots, airports
  11. Roofs of industrial building, including manufacturing plants and logistic facilities