Tecnar - Real-time process diagnostics

In the mid-1980s, the coating industry recognized the fact that to take thermal spray technology to the next level, diagnostic equipment would be needed that could provide real-time information about particles sprayed, as they fly and just before they hit the surface being coated. During thermal spraying, the particles become so hot that they emit infrared radiation, which we use to actually "see" and characterize the temperature, velocity, size, flux and trajectory of the particle.

With ColdSpray the particles are too cold (below 1000 °C) to be detected by conventional pyrometric techniques. In this case, we must use reflected light instead of emited light. As a result, the sprayed atomized particles can be viewed in the diffused light. Over the past two decades, Tecnar has developed a whole range of innovative diagnostic devices that are used in over 30 countries, both in research facilities and on production lines.