GreenEco - is the exclusive representative of Temp-Coat in Poland and several other EU countries.

The Temp-Coat 101 coating is a new material on the Polish market. It is an effective thermal insulation barrier, used, among others, for securing the roofs of commercial halls. Thanks to its specific properties, it provides exceptional protection against external factors such as temperature, UV, humidity, water, and rust. It provides significant energy savings, at the same time extending the life of the elements.

Thermal insulation - TEMP-COAT is a unique product that provides UV-resistant protection against solar radiation in summer, and a thermal barrier in winter. TEMP-COAT is an ENERGY STAR certified product by the US Department of Energy. TEMP-COAT ceramic insulation provides year-round effective thermal insulation and protection against corrosion, all thanks to one easy-to-apply coating that lasts for years.

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