Materials and semi-finished products - Wear-resistant compounds

Offered by GreenEco Ni-bonded Silicon Carbide products are characterized by exceptionally high resistance to abrasion, corrosion and have high mechanical strength. They provide effective protection for components exposed to severe erosive and corrosive conditions.

Those materials can be applied to hard-to-reach surface, such as for example ID surface of elbows and pipes. They can be used for local repair of machine components or as a material protecting a specific surface of equipment against abrasion, erosion and corrosion. They create exceptionally strong bond with the base material, withstand high surface pressure, can operate in a wide temperature range and are resistant to temperature shocks and chemical attack.

Thanks to their properties, they are used in virtually every industry, including:

  • non-ferrous metallurgy
  • energy
  • chemistry
  • gas & oil
  • mining and minerals processing
  • heating devices
  • agriculture
  • and many other

Easy application procedures of the Ni-bonded Silicon Carbide products, allows for very quick protection of surfaces exposed to wear. The erosion resistance of the protective layers made with the use of SiC materials is comparable to the hardfaced carbide layers. The ease of application and the possibility of applying the pastes to hard-to-reach places make SCP pastes an excellent alternative to typically used abrasion-resistant protections.

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