PTA systems (plasma transferred arc)

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Greeneco offers a complete range plasma transferred arc (PTA) welding systems that they can be custom configured to match customers specific requirements. Complete automated equipment be used to repair variety of parts, such as valves, injection molding equipment, screws and others. Depending on the needs, those can be manual, fully and/ or partially automated systems. We can also supply wide range of perfectly designed torches for both, external and internal surface’s processing, torches that are easy to service, and very reliable in operation. All the above characteristics make our PTA equipment a very effective and inexpensive production tool

Plasma welding process - PTA (Plasma Transferred Arc), is based on melting the material in the form of powder or wire in a plasma arc at a temperature of 10,000 ÷ 25,000 ° C.

In the PTA process, heated, semi-melted powder particles are injected into a small molten pool of the substrate material, creating a homogeneous, dense, chemically pure layer and metallurgically bonded very hard layer. The high temperature of the process and high concentration of energy ensure a low diffusion at the interface, and low HAZ.

This method is commonly used to restore part geometry or to improve the surface properties of the parts. Typical applications are: cutting tools, cutting edges of earth moving tools, valves, valve seats, other engine components, journal bearings, hydraulic parts, rolls and others

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