High Temperature Resistant High Emissivity Coatings

GreenEco offers you an innovative technology of applying nano-ceramic layers for use in large industrial heating devices, which not only effectively protect the surfaces of pipes and refractories against high-temperature degradation, but also significantly improve the efficiency of heating devices and increase the efficiency of production processes. GreenCoat-HE coating systems are ceramic materials with high emissivity and re-emissivity of thermal radiation, specially developed for gas-fired industrial heating devices operating in the temperature range up to 1650 ° C.

Application of high emissivity coatings – GreenCoat-HE results in increased heat transfer, energy savings, increased production, reduced downtime, increased durability of materials and additionally reduces emissions to the atmosphere. Depending on the type of specific installation, the typical savings for the natural gas and oil sector from the use of emission coatings are within the 3 – 10% range. GreenCoat-HE coatings can be applied in the workshop, at the production stage, as well as on facilities during scheduled operational shutdowns, on existing refractory materials and metallic surfaces. Thanks to the coating, the radiant and convection energy from the burners and hot gases is absorbed by the surface of the coating and then evenly reradiated throughout the device, creating an even temperature distribution. Without the coating, valuable energy is lost because the lining acts as a "heat store" during cyclic operation.

After GreenCoat-HE application, the thermal energy absorbed by the coating is reradiated back and then absorbed by the cooler product. As a result, the refractory insulation works at a lower temperature and "retains" less heat energy / less losses.

The services of GreenCoat-HE coatings application are provided by our partner company TMC Poland Sp. z o.o.

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