GreenEco - Exclusive Representative for Fireside Coatings

GreenEco offers a line of unique products for the power industry, including specially developed ceramic coatings for boilers. Our coatings will effectively protect your installations against slag build-up, oxidation, corrosion and erosion. These innovative materials have been designed to perform at the most challenging environments. They are characterized by high emissivity, low wetting by slags, resistance to oxidation and chemical corrosion and erosion. Their thermal expansion matches that of the typical boiler tube materials; coating thermal conductivity is similar to steel.

The GreenEco and Optēcoat series coatings are the result of over 30 years of the development and application experience, which resulted in advanced materials which properties make them the most suitable for effective protection of boiler components, such as waterwalls, boiler tubes, superheaters and heat exchangers, which surfaces are exposed to extreme operating conditions, such high temperature erosion and corrosion. Our GreenEco materials allow for the production of pore-free and crack-free coatings that not only reduce or completely eliminate the deposition of slag and other pollutants, but also provide protection against high-temperature corrosion and erosion, have high emissivity and high thermal conductivity, create durable (chemical and mechanical) bond with the metallic surfaces.

GreenEco application services are provided by our partner company TMC Poland Sp. z o.o.

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