Applications - Gas and Oil Industry

Regardless of whether chemical resistance, corrosion or erosion protection is required – the GreenEco, GreenCorr as well as TuffStuff and TuffCorr coatings will provide the highest equipment protection and a quick return on your investment. We offer only well proven products and technologies; application our coatings results in extended equipment life-time for the oil and gas industry, including as difficult as those found in offshore applications.
Our impermeable coatings are used to solve problems related to corrosion and safety – eliminating leaks, and limiting spread of that can directly contaminate the environment.
Our materials are able to increase the efficiency of devices, reduce downtime and extend the life of protected surfaces. In addition, our coatings effectively reduces slagging and fouling inside boilers and furnaces operating at high temperatures, thus extending equipment’s maintenance-free work time and increasing system efficiency.
Our high-emission GreenCoat-HE coatings significantly increase the efficiency of production processes. Application of these coatings in gas-fired production equipment leads to very significant financial savings resulting from the reduction of fuel consumption, reduction of CO2 emissions and increased durability of the protected elements (refractory, tubes).

The most attractive GreenCoat-HE properties are:

  • operating temperatures up to 1650 ° C
  • High resistance to thermal shocks
  • Adhesion - bond strength over 350 bar
  • Typical thicknesses, depending on conditions - 50 - 100 µm
  • Thermal emissivity in the range of 0.85 - 0.95 ( typical refractory materials have an emissivity of 0.4 – 0.6)

GreenEco’s thermally insulating nano-ceramic coatings from the TC-100 group allow for a significant reduction in the surface temperature of devices (tanks, fittings, pipelines), while reducing energy losses. The use of these coatings allows to reduce energy losses by approx. 10% - 15%.

Our GF-11-760R and GF-FR 21-50 coatings are effective fire barriers. Their ability to prevent the spread of fire makes them ideal coatings for many applications that require classification for flammability. Due to the large number of flammability indices and the wide variety of surfaces that can be covered, it is strongly recommended that testing, certification and approvals should be considered prior to applying this coating. Note: Final fire resistance depends on the substrate to be coated and the thickness and density of the coating.

In addition to our metallic and ceramic coatings, we offer a wide range of sealer products, also intended for water and sewage applications, such as epoxies, polyaspartic paints, polyurethane and polyurea coatings, chemically resistant industrial coatings for floors, parkings and airports, and thermal insulation coatings for industrial buildings and logistic centers roofing.

Typical applications:

  • Storage tanks and pipes
  • Preventive areas
  • Drilling rigs and pumps
  • Offshore drilling platforms
  • Protective coatings for tanks
  • Heating devices (fired heaters)
  • Primery and secondary Reformers
  • Crackers
  • Sulfur recovery units
  • Waste incinerators
  • Thermal oxidation systems
  • Burners, Flares

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