PTA Systems

GreenEco is a distributor of plasma transferred arc (PTA) welding equipment.

The PTA systems we offer are diverse and can be adapted to the specific requirements of the customer. They can be adapted to regeneration of specific parts such as valves, screws for injection molding machines. Depending on the needs, these can be manual devices or either fully or partially automated. In addition, perfectly designed burners for processing external or internal surfaces, which do not require special maintenance, provide unrivalled reliability of the PTA systems offered.

PTA (Plasma Transferred Arc) plasma welding consists melting with a plasma arc at a temperature of 10,000 ÷ 25,000 °C of the material deposited in the form of powder or wire.

In this process, the welded material is combined with the melted base material, forming a homogeneous connection that is of a high metallurgic purity, dense and of high hardness. The high temperature of the process and the high concentration of energy ensures a low depth of the welding into the material of the regenerated part with a perfect connection of the coating with the substrate and the small width of the heat affected zone.

This method is used to regenerate or improve the properties of the surface layer of machine parts, for example:

cutting tools, cutting edges of earthworks tools, valves, valve seats, engines, metallurgical roller journals, hydraulic parts, rollers.


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