Tungsten carbide powder – spherical, irregular, chips

Appropriate abrasion resistance for parts operating under extremely difficult conditions is often not ensured by the base material. In order to solve the wear resistance problems, various materials and coating methods have been developed to provide the highest possible abrasion, erosion, shear and impact resistance.

Tungsten carbide is used in blends based mainly on cobalt or nickel materials forming a matrix for tungsten carbide. The blends are prepared in various proportions, depending on their use, the required properties and the application process. A larger amount of TC powder in the coating provides greater abrasion resistance and exceptional hardness of the coating. GreenEco provides blends with the composition specified by our customers.

Powders with tungsten carbide are harder than chromium carbide and most other traditional hard facing materials, providing effective protection against wear.

The tungsten carbide offered can be spherical, irregular or in the form of chips. The type of material is selected depending on the conditions in which the coating will work and how it is applied. Spherical and irregular powders are used in PTA and laser processes, chips are used in the TuffStuff process.

Example application of coatings with tungsten carbide:

  • Mining knives
  • Wear plates
  • Parts of agricultural machinery (seeders, combines, mowers, grinders, rototillers, screw conveyors, other)
  • Parts for excavators, bulldozers (buckets and teeth, plowshares, bucket coats)
  • Earth drill bits
  • Cutting heads
  • Crusher heads and mills (heads, jaws, augers, rotors)
  • Regeneration and curing of rotors in stone mines
  • Knives for asphalt milling
  • Gear wheels – reconstruction, regeneration
  • Other individual applications

We offer materials of various grain sizes. The standard tungsten carbide powder has a size of 150+/-45 μm.

Offered powders of spherical and broken/irregular tungsten carbide are of the highest quality. Quality controls, including size, particle shape, chemical composition, oxide level and purity are taken not only during production, but also before delivery.

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