Plasma systems

We offer plasma spraying machines manufactured by Bay State company – plasmatrons PG-100, PG-120, PG-130 or PG-140.

The main features of the devices:

  • high efficiency
  • high speed of coating application
  • repeatability of parameters
  • extremely durable parts of the device
  • a wide range of materials that can be used
  • ease of use allows a significant reduction in production costs.

Plasmatrons from the PG-100, PG-120, PG-130 or PG-140 series are known among users as versatile and reliable thermal spray systems that allow the production of the highest quality coatings at a low cost.

The standard Bay State plasmatron system includes the following elements:

  • Plasmatron PG-100, PG-120, PG-130 or PG-140 – manually operated, mounted on the base or fed from an external feeder
  • PG-120-2 contains wiring with a standard 360cm cable (cables up to 30m are available on request)
  • PS-2004 contains 80 kW power supply
  • CP series CP-620 contains manual control panel or CP-640 desktop with PLC devices
  • Model 1200 contains a powder feeder (PF-700 or PF730LF fluid feeder can be used)
  • FS-100 contains water flow sensor kit. The FS-100 standard water flow kit can be extended with the WCS-300 water control system supporting the BP-300 water pump or the HE series refrigerator

Portable systems that make it possible to perform work at the client’s premises are also avaliable. They can be configured according to the customer’s requirements.

Automatic robotic plasma spraying systems are becoming more and more popular, ensuring uniform, excellent coating quality and increasing employee safety.


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