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The protective coating department for mining specializes in the use of materials designed for the most difficult working conditions. Vehicles and equipment are constantly exposed to corrosion and impacts and unprotected equipment will be constantly exposed to damage, increased downtime, higher maintenance costs and a shorter service life. The Rhino Linings polyurethane and polyurea spray coatings help protect the mine equipment and improve its operational efficiency.
Our specialized coatings are able to significantly increase the explosion-proof parameters of the structures to which they are applied, creating an effective barrier between strategic resources and the source of the explosion. In addition, the materials we use allow us to protect surfaces exposed to aggressive abrasion.
Typical applications
Rhino Linings coatings offer tested and proven solutions to serious problems occurring in the mine environment. The following are typical applications of seamless monolithic coatings intended for the protection of mining equipment:
  • Vibrating screen decks
  • Vibrating bowls
  • Spiral chutes
  • Mine loading pads
  • Mine hopper bins
  • Battery trays for mining vehicles
  • Vehicle protection (corrosion control, salt control)
  • Dump trucks (Small ore, not large rocks)
  • Scoops (but, we can’t compete with rubber sheet goods for larger rocks)
  • Mine conveyor belts
  • Insulated foam roofs
  • Insulated tanks
Features and benefits
Aby poradzić sobie z poważnymi problemami występującymi w kopalni, oferujemy sprawdzone produkty przeznaczone do pracy w ekstremalnych temperaturach, kurzu i ryzyku wystąpienia pożaru. Produkty przylegają do odpowiednio przygotowanych podłoży stalowych, betonowych, FRP lub drewnianch, tworząc bezszwową, monolityczną barierę która będzie się sprawdzać w najtrudniejszych warunkach w każdej kopalni.
In order to cope with serious problems that are present in mining, we offer proven products designed to work in extreme temperatures, dirt, dust and are resistant to fire. The products adhere to properly prepared steel, concrete, FRP or wooden substrates, creating a seamless, monolithic barrier that will work under the most difficult conditions in every mine.
  • Reduces maintenance costs,
  • Repairs and equipment downtime
  • Increases personnel safety and productivity
  • Adds years of life to any surface
  • Shields against abrasion, impacts and abuse from the elements
  • Protects from corrosion
  • Flexible formulations adhere to almost any substrate regardless of shape or size and can expand with thermal expansion/contraction changes.

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